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4 tablecloths to match 4 seasons

The changing seasons and the changing tablecloth

The year comes and goes, summer turns to fall turns to winter and then spring. Each new season brings with it change, what was is not and a new opportunity appears just around the corner. Our tablecloths bring along this change with delight and class, imagine spreading out a new tablecloth in your living room to match the weather outside, what a joy! It makes everything hopeful and fun. We have created a syrupy short list of tablecloths to match the season. As we all know, seasons change depending on your location. So withier you're in Australia at its pouring in august or you're in a scorching Californian summer we have just what you need cause no matter where you are the season come and go but tablecloths, they last forever, just kidding but they last a while


Nothing says summer more than our Sundown in Seville tablecloth. Its tan color reminds you of the afternoon sun bathing and soaking up the scorched grass on your neighbor's lawn. This easy clean tablecloth is ideal for summer barbequing and afternoon parties. It's clean but distinct with beautiful olive branch pattern and it will match literally any summer dishes that you may be serving up and will as always make for a quick and easy clean up. Enjoy the beautiful summer with this gorgeous easy clean tablecloth.


The weather changes, the summer disappears in a heart bit and the wind of change blows about with some beautiful brown leaves to signal that fall has arrived. For this cozy season we would recommend our autumn in Japan easy clan tablecloth. Inspired by the magnificent fall and foliage of Japan this heart throbber will be sure to match the season outside and will inspire you to make some heartwarming dishes which can be served up on this beautiful easy clean tablecloth. Yum!


Rain, snow, winds and cold weather can mean only one thing-winter has arrived. It has arrived Bringing with it the holidays, the New Year and warmy home décor. Winter usually brings with it the end of the year, some of us may be considering resolutions and thinking about what to come. For all of these reasons we would recommend our morning clouds over Paris easy clean tablecloth. This light blue subtle pattern beauty will be sure to match the cool weather and homey vibes. Grrrr…keep warm!


Spring has sprung bringing with it charming scenery, fresh orchids and a sense of newness after the cold winter. Freshness comes to mind when spring comes around and nothing says fresh more than glistening Yellow lemons. Our limoncello-lemon pattern Easy wipe tablecloths hails in the spring with a delightful allure. Dress your table with this beautiful tablecloth and enjoy sitting outdoor sucking in the sweet scent of spring. 

Nov 25th 2021 Barbara Shaw Tablecloths Team

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