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Barbara answers your most pressing tablecloth concerns

Tablecloths can be beautiful and unique, can brighten your table and home and elevate meals but they also come with some serious concerns and questions.

We have compiled the most pressing issues that may arise while purchasing a tablecloth and have tried to create the best answers possible for your quarries.

These questions and answers have arisen from our customers and from our general experience.

1-tablecloths get dirty and soggy

Most tablecloths really do get dirty and soggy if too many spills take their toll on them. The once beautiful piece of décor is now a stain ridden piece of cloth that just sits in your cupboard getting old and useless. We believe that tablecloths should never be reduced to that and that’s why our easy clean tablecloths will always remain stain free and vibrant with just a small wipe with a wet or damp cloth. Always fresh always colorful with no stains and no hassle, our French cotton acrylic coated tablecloth will always brighten and delight

2- Size doesn’t match

Many customers need specific sizing. This comes from bad experience with a tablecloth that didn’t match or strange sized tables. The sizing is defiantly a concerning, how do I get I right? What is the actual size of my tablecloth? How do I make sure that the tablecloth doesn't make my family members of guests annoyed with a roll of fabric sitting in their lap?

We understand your concerns but we also have you covered. How?

We cut all our tablecloths in house, we are the importer, the manufacturer and the distributor. While with many other companies there is a pre designated size table, we can cut and design your tablecloth to you and your table's specific needs. Also, we have created a smooth and easy selection process on our product pages to allow you to select with ease what you need. Don't know which size to the exact inch you need? No worries…you probably do know however how many people your table seats, just select with ease and we guarantee the tablecloth will fit perfectly.

3- Uneven surfaces

You may be concerned about your tablecloth creating uneven surfaces which looks bad and creates bumps and unpleasantness with a continuous and persistent smoothing and pressing. That's not the case with our tablecloths. While it is true that many wipeable stain free tablecloths do create uneven surfaces those tablecloths are made from cheap plastic and unpleasant materials that are susceptible to such trouble but that is not the case with our tablecloths. Our tablecloths are made from cotton which gives them a smooth back drop with an airy feel to them that allows a smooth and easy grasp on every kind of table. Of course one must remember that basic physics occurs and extremely gagged table will influence the tablecloth but the standard table will allow a seamless feel when one of our tablecloths is placed on them. No uneven surfaces whatsoever.

4- Maintenance issues

Many of our customers have raised issues about the maintenance required to upkeep a tablecloths. Many of our customers have kids or grandkids and don't want to be constantly washing/drying/ ironing and repeating. With our tablecloths as stated above there is no hassle whatsoever. Ideal for kids, perfect for grandkids and a stress free breakfast, lunch and dinner eating experience. Forget about the washing machine and just wipe clean, no drying needed and forget about ironing. Our tablecloth are low maintenance with maximum effect.

5- Beautiful table that should be seen

So you have a beautiful new table, may be you have a vintage table that has been handed down to you and it is important for you that it will be seen or maybe you just like the bare feel of a untouched table. Well. If that’s the case then you MUST get one of our tablecloths, if you care about your table and want to have if for years you must take care of it. You can do so by using one of our tablecloths as a protection piece for your beautiful table. You can bring out the tablecloths for certain meals fold it with ease when finished and store away until you'll need it next. Your table will never be damaged. Sometimes we see people cover their beloved table with a dreadful plastic see through cover which is an atrocious piece that ruins the leaving room. Our unique selection offers something for every need, pick out a delightful pattern that matches your home protect your table, fold with ease and display your table again.

6-A perception that tablecloth are Boring and old

At Barbara Shaw Tablecloths we aim to excite and beautify. It has been our lifelong ambition to make your house more beautiful than it already is. We believe our tablecloth selection is the direct opposite of boring and old. We know…. we know…thrilling doesn't come to mind when you think about tablecloths but we guarantee that when you lay our tablecloth on your table for the first time, with the vibrant colors and the unique patterns you'll see how nothing could be further than boring and old. 

Dec 14th 2021 Barbara Shaw Tablecloths Team

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